Our Mission

Our mission at Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow (OBT) is to break the cycle of poverty and inequity through education, job training, and employment.

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Our Approach

Life is not Linear
OBT provides a pathway to opportunity for every person who walks through our doors. We meet our participants “where they’re at” and give them the tools to build their future.

Individualized Support
We work with youth and adults, offering mentorship and case management to every student.

Career Coaching and Beyond
Our Pathways to Economic Opportunity approach ensures that all OBT participants are guided toward a family sustaining career, enrolling in college, or an advanced training program after graduation.

Integrating the Personal and Professional
Our programs support participants as they earn their diplomas, develop skills, learn a new craft, and gain the confidence to network professionally. We blend academics, technical skills, and workforce training.

Programs and Services

Free GED Preparation

In-Demand Employment Training

Adult Literacy Services
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Meet Our Graduates

Melanie Jean-Louis

Melanie Jean-Louis, a 2020 graduate of OBT’s Cloud Support Engineering program, is currently working as an Associate Cloud Engineer at Medidata. She interned there before being hired full-time. Melanie hopes this position will lead her to achieving her goal of becoming a Senior Cloud Engineer within five years. Before she joined OBT’s Cloud Support Engineering Program, Melanie was working in the social work field after graduating from SUNY Buffalo. She wanted a change and to go back to school. OBT’s Cloud Support Engineer Program ticked all her boxes – and it was free! She gained a solid background in the fundamentals and exposure to what was new in the tech field. She learned to network professionally, landed an internship, showcased her skills, and made connections with colleagues that helped her earn a permanent position on the team.

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Let OBT assist you in achieving your professional aspirations with the comprehensive support and training provided by our programs. All of our programs are entirely free, come with certifications, and even offer paid internships. Explore our complete program offerings by clicking the link below:

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