OBT Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Liliana Polo-McKenna

Chief Executive Officer

Dani Smejkal

Vice President, Programs & Impact

Janet Tsakos

Vice President, Administration

Bryant Lee

Vice President, Finance

Courtney Granger

Vice President, Programs & Organizational Learning

Program Leadership

Georgia Trim

Director, Adult Education & Literacy Program

Alice Goncalves

Director, Educational and Career Advancement

Yanni Deconescu

Director, Strategic Initiatives

Robin Blanc

Director, College Access Program

Terri Saucier

Director, Employment Services

Caroline Iosso

Director, Community & Government affairs

Mary Cosme

Director, Immigration Services

Susan Gambale

Director, Math Curriculum and Instruction
Sunset Park

Wayne Small

Director, YAIP Jamaica

Jackie Ordonez

Director, OBT Programs, Jamaica

Jessica Cuttone

Director, Youth Programs – Sunset Park

Ryan Sheppard

Director, TechStart Program

Peter Cruz

Director, Youth Programs – Bushwick

Jacqueline M. Harris

Assistant Director, OSY Programs – Bushwick

Kelsey Reenstra

YAIP Plus Manager

Timothy O’Donnell

Communications & Marketing Manager

William Ortiz

Site Administrator/ Senior Counselor, Bushwick