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[Brooklyn, NY] – Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow (OBT), a New York City-based non-profit organization, has been dedicated to serving youth and adults in historically underserved communities throughout New York City since 1983.

OBT’s Board of Directors is thrilled to announce the appointment of a new Co-Chief Executive Officer team, consisting of Greg Rideout and Evelyn Ortiz. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise that will further propel OBT’s mission forward.

Greg Rideout is a highly accomplished professional in the nonprofit sector, equipped with a master’s degree in social work and extensive expertise in program management, fundraising, and organizational growth.  He has spent much of the last two decades serving as the Deputy Program Officer for Education and Employment at Henry Street Settlement and Chief Program Officer at Commonpoint Queens.  “OBT is an institution in the neighborhoods it has served, providing young people with the tools necessary to secure family-sustaining wage jobs,” Greg reflected.  “It is an organization I always looked up to in my early career days in New York City. I am so honored by the opportunity to join this organization with such an impressive history and laser-focused mission.  I am also super excited to join with Evelyn Ortiz, an exceptional leader in the New York City and New York State Workforce sector, in advancing what I think is the leadership model of the future.  The Co-Chief Executive Officer model makes manageable what is often seen as too big a job, elevates each individual leader’s strengths, and personifies an organization’s commitment to values of equity and inclusion.”

Equally passionate about serving the communities where she grew up, Evelyn Ortiz brings a depth of experience from over 15 years working in government and the nonprofit sector. With a master’s degree in social work from Stony Brook University, Evelyn’s expertise extends to economically empowering local communities across New York State. Having started her journey with OBT 13 years ago, Evelyn possesses an intimate understanding of the organization, where she held multiple positions with increasing responsibilities that allowed her to develop as a workforce professional, government affairs specialist, advocate, community organizer, Board Member, and mother. Her most recent executive leadership positions at the Suffolk County Department of Labor, Licensing, and Consumer Affairs and the New York Association of Training & Employment Professionals (NYATEP) have further deepened her understanding of the statewide workforce system. Evelyn has advocated for changes in policy that have created equitable pathways for all New Yorkers.   “I am excited to be back at OBT and embark on this journey alongside Greg to contribute to the organization’s growth and success by building upon the remarkable legacy set forth by Sister Mary Franciscus,” says Evelyn, emphasizing her commitment to OBT’s ongoing mission.

“We are excited to welcome Greg Rideout and Evelyn Ortiz as our new Co-Chief Executive Officer team,” said Vince Chirico, OBT’S Board Chair.  With Greg and Evelyn at the helm, OBT is poised to reach new heights as the quintessential New York City organization serving the needs of today’s underserved young adult community.”

As Greg Rideout and Evelyn Ortiz assume their roles as Co-Chief Executive Officers, Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow is filled with confidence that their vision and expertise will significantly contribute to the organization’s success in breaking the cycle of poverty and inequity through education.

About Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow  Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow (OBT) aims to break the cycle of poverty and inequity through education, job training, and employment. Our vision is to strengthen the workforce by serving as a bridge to economic opportunity for youth, individuals, and families in underserved communities that are critical for economic recovery during these unprecedented times.