A report by The Center for an Urban Future (City of Aspiration: 150 Ideas From New Yorkers for Building a More Equitable NYC) includes 150 concrete practical and visionary policy ideas for what Mayor Adams, the City Council, and other city leaders can do to create a more equitable city.

There is widespread consensus among policymakers that bold action is required to make progress toward a more equitable city and lay the foundation for a stronger and broader middle class. However, there is much less agreement over what specific actions should be taken. This report aims to fill the void. Each contributed a single policy idea that would expand economic opportunity for all, strengthen social infrastructure in communities across the five boroughs, and build a more equitable city.

OBT’s President & CEO, Dr. Darlene Williams, Contribution – Section VI Strengthen NYC’ Social Safety Net #90: Ensure pay equity and create growth opportunities for nonprofit workers of Color by Dr. Darlene Williams, President and CEO, Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow