Work Readiness & Credential Instructor

Location: Brooklyn, NY (Hybrid Work Model)
Position Code: RDQ0B
Salary Range: $45,000 – $48,000

Position Summary:
Under the supervision of the Assistant Director, the Work Readiness and Credential Instructor will be responsible for the credential achievement, work readiness goals, and relevant social emotional learning modules associated with a program that supports opportunity youth 17-24 in three program components including contextualized academic programming at the Pre-HSE level, comprehensive High School Equivalency and work-based learning and sector focused advanced training.

Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and facilitate work readiness, credentialing, and ‘soft skill’ development curricula and lessons at all levels of program
  • Provide career exploration, planning and the development of individualized goals
  • Assure achievement of all program milestones, benchmarks and credentials at the required intervals
  • Ensure cohesion of curriculum and classroom instruction with the goals of the Support Services, Academic, and Workforce Solutions Team; as well as funder expectations
  • Support program initiatives through workshop and event planning
  • Develop, organize, and track participant work to meet internal and funder compliance requirements
  • Monitor the flow of young adults throughout program components
  • Develop systems for and track all data, utilizing internal and external databases
  • Cultivate and manage relationships within OBT’s interdisciplinary team
  • Participate in regular observation, feedback, and coaching to improve performance
  • Participate in professional development to share best practices and improve educational programming
  • Attend all required internal and external meetings
  • Participate in internal trainings on Motivational Interviewing (MI), and employ MI strategies as a primary modality of practice
  • Perform all other appropriate tasks as assigned by supervisor

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Demonstration of quality instructional skills focused on engaging non-traditional students
  • Ability to create innovative and immersive academic curricula and classroom experiences
  • Achievement of credential attainment goals mandated by government funder
  • Ability to lead by example and model integrity; ability to build and maintain relationships with young adults, employers and community partners

Education and Experience/Training:

  • Associate’s Degree required, Bachelors or Masters preferred;
  • At least three years relevant work experience in providing work readiness and/or industry recognized credential instruction, as well as direct youth development services

Other Qualifications:
These are the skills & attributes that all OBT employees need in order to meet the expectations of each other, our participants, and our partners.
Communicate with Clarity – Be clear, concise, and actionable. Be relentlessly constructive. Seek and provide meaningful feedback.

Work with Purpose – Exhibit a “We Can” mindset. Results outweigh effort. Everyone understands how their role contributes. Set aside personal objectives for team results.

Drive to Decision – Cut the swirl with defined deadlines and decision points. Be clear on individual accountability and decision authority. Guided by a commitment to and accountability for mission outcomes.

Own the Outcome – Defined milestones, commitments and intended results. Assess your work in context, if you’re unsure, ask. Demonstrate unwavering support for decisions.