Shanice McLaughlin

Shanice McLaughlin

Shanice McLaughlin enrolled in the Jamaica Y Roads Youth Education and Job Training Program (OSY) soon after the center’s grand opening in May 2013.

Shanice was looking to obtain her GED. As a recent immigrant from Jamaica, Shanice felt she especially benefited from the program’s public speaking workshops. Jamaica Y Roads Center Director Clare Dwyer recalled, “Shanice was extremely shy at first but took on the challenge of public speaking. She even encouraged and mentored her classmates, blossoming into a real team leader.”

Shanice completed the OSY program earning her National Retail Federation Certification in Customer Service, and then enrolled in OBT’s Young Adult Internship Program to gain professional experience.

Her internship with Swiss Post Solutions provided her with work experience and leadership training.

“When I first came to the US, the only job I could find was working at a restaurant cleaning tables. The training that Swiss Post and OBT provided me with was invaluable. They brought in inspiring speakers whose backgrounds were similar to mine who encouraged us to be the force in our success, giving us tips on how to survive the first few weeks.”

At the end of her internship, Swiss Post quickly hired Shanice to work as a Mail Associate at Commerce Bank in the Manhattan Financial Center. “I love that I am getting to interact with people and becoming more familiar with the American culture,” said Shanice. She earned her GED and is now looking to go to college to become a nurse. “I would recommend Y Roads to anyone. The most important thing they teach you is that you are worth something and if you believe in yourself, your dreams can come true!”

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