Jacqueline Vigo

Jacqueline Vigo attended Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow in August of 2000 in Sunset Park after graduating high school. Having never applied to college, she was uncertain about what her future held.

Jackie VigosHer mother found OBT’s job training program and encouraged Jacqueline to enroll to help her obtain job training and job placement. Jacqueline thrived at OBT where she learned professionalism and discipline and was able to master her typing and computer skills. Due to her familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel, OBT’s job placement staff was able to help Jacqueline obtain a temporary position in the administrative office at the Kings County District Attorney. Due to her job performance, she was given the opportunity to work full time in the Operations Coordinator’s office where she was inspired to become a police officer. Jackie enrolled in the Police Academy and in 2009 became a police officer. She is now assigned to the 72nd Precinct, which is across the street from OBT.

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