Evancka Louison

Evancka Louison

In 2009, Evancka Louison came to Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow for their Youth Education and Job Training  program where she worked to receive her Microsoft Office Certification and High School Equivalency Diploma. After graduation, Evancka got a job working as a Training Supervisor at JCPenny, she then moved on to jobs at TD BankNorth and Chase

Over the years Evanka stayed in contact with OBT, who continued to assist her in her dream of working for JetBlue Airlines. In 2014, with OBT’s help, Evancka was able to obtain an interview with JetBlue in Tampa, Florida. Using the money she saved from her job at Chase, she flew down to Florida for a one day eight-hour interview. On December of this past year she was offered a position at JetBlue and was flown back down to Florida on January 5th for two weeks of intensive training. After the two-week training session, Evancka was named valedictorian of her class.

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