Anchoring Achievement in Mexican Communities MEJORANDO LOS LOGROS EN LA COMUNIDAD MEXICANA

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Detalles del Programa

Personal and professional development for Mexican and Mexican-American students in school, ages 16-24.

Desarollo personal y professional para los estudiantes Mexicanos de edades 16-24.

Students participate in career and college exploration activities as well as recreational activities including soccer, music and art. They are provided one-on-one college counseling to maximize learning outcomes.

Locations and time

Families are invited to participate in financial, educational, and nutritional workshops the first Wednesday of every month at BWRC. Please contact 718-381-3220 for upcoming events.

Familias son bienvenidas participar en talleres educativos mensuales. Favor de llamar a Laura Garbes en 718-381-3220 para los próximos eventos.


Ages 16-21

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Phone: (718)381-3222
Fax: (718)381-3220

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