Part-Time Business English Instructor (20 hours per week)

Position:  Part-Time Business English Instructor (20 hours per week)

Program/Team: Train and Earn -Bushwick

Reports to: Director of Youth Programs, Bushwick

Classification: Part-Time/Non-Exempt – In Person

Work Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn – In Person

Hiring Code: JQULC

Salary $25,000 / per year

Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow (OBT) exists to break the cycle of poverty and inequity through education, job training, and employment. Our vision to strengthen the workforce by serving as a bridge to economic opportunity for individuals in underserved communities is critical for economic recovery. Through our skills-based training, education, and direct job placement, we build upward economic mobility for out-of-school and unemployed youth and adults and provide the skills necessary to gain a competitive edge in the job market. Through our principles of accountability, confidence, and professionalism, we emphasize Values of Integrity-Respecting our commitments, personally and professionally, Excellence-Pushing one another to be our very best and Empowerment-Positive change begins with us. Our commitment to fostering and maintaining a work environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion are woven into our organizational DNA.

Diversity & Racial Equity Mission Statement: We recognize that structural racism, discrimination, systems of power, and other forms of oppression, give privilege and access to resources, lead to inequities, and have contributed to persistent disparities.  OBT is on an intentional journey to champion and operationalize the values of racial equity, diversity, and inclusion into our organization and the communities we serve. We strive to sustain a culture where all individuals can thrive and feel a sense of belonging, especially those whose voices and experiences have been historically marginalized. We commit our work to breaking oppressive barriers and serving as a bridge to sustainable economic opportunities that will build and strengthen an equitable workforce.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility & Belonging (DEIA&B) Statement: We value individual differences and the benefits diversity and inclusion bring to our organization. It enables us to effectively grow by developing respected representation in the communities OBT serves while giving back through our personal experiences and efforts thereby adding immediate value. We understand that diversity is not simply about people who represent the full spectrum or ethnicities, national origins, ages, sexual orientation, gender identity, beliefs, religions and faith, cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and levels of physical ability; it also involves our ability to being open-minded and creating balance within OBT as an organization. Within our diversified workforce, we see our differences as assets, not liabilities and intentionally prioritize methods to enhance our DEIA&B journey. OBT realizes that diversity is an important issue for our organization, but we also realize that it is not enough to hire people with the differences mentioned above. Everyone needs to feel like they are truly welcome, safe and free to be themselves in the workplace. We are establishing a sense of belonging and inclusion, so we can ensure that all employees, regardless of their background and experiences, are connected with equal opportunities and create a healthier, more successful future together.

Position Summary:

The Train & Earn (T&E) Program is a career pathways program for youth and young adults ages 16-24 that provides work readiness support, occupational skills training, and employment services, along with supportive services such as High School Equivalency (HSE) classes, paid internships, access to post-secondary education and sector-based credential training. The Business English Instructor is responsible for providing contextualized in person instruction in all areas of the GED (Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies), and provide work readiness workshops and support. The goal of the Business English Instructor is to prepare our youth and young adults to pass their GED exam as well as prepare for the business environment and workplace.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Business English Instruction

  • Provide daily instruction in all five content areas of the GED in accordance with NYS Department of Education standards.
  • Managing interpersonal dynamics to ensure that the class is conducive to learning.
  • Provide daily instruction in Business English and create and submit for approval an effective Business English curriculum that addresses basic English concepts and touches upon resume writing, cover, thank you and resignation letters, business letters and memos, and formal and informal e-mails.
  • Update and enhance the curriculum and workshops with current digital platforms for hybrid learning that meet different learning styles’ needs.
    • Develop and implement effective testing mechanisms designed to measure participants’ progress as it relates to each specific curriculum.
    • Coordinate instruction with the other staff to ensure overall curriculum integration that enhances the learning experience for participants and reflects a simulated work environment. (An example would be given an assignment for the participants to prepare that can be formatted during the computer class).
    • Supports all aspects of programming, including but not limited to recruitment and participant outreach.
    • Perform all other appropriate duties assigned by the Program Director

Quality Classroom and Facilitation

  • Maintain the classroom and take responsibility for creating a classroom environment that reflects the goals of the overall program.
  • Enforce all participant rules and guidelines consistent with standard program policies and procedures.
  • Provide ongoing feedback on each participant’s progress and report on such progress to other program staff and administration.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Quality classroom instruction and effective lesson planning, effective classroom management and curriculum coordination, timeliness of progress reports and case notes.
  • Good attendance/punctuality record.
  • Level of achievement in TABE testing and post-testing and HSE attainment.
  • Proficiency in computer technology, including Microsoft Office, Excel, data entry skills.

Education and Experience/Training:

  • Secondary English Degree and two years of relevant experience or associate degree and four years of relevant experience.
  • Ability to work with a culturally diverse population and experience teaching and facilitating workshops for underserved youth and adults.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, presentation, and leadership skills.
  • Demonstrated initiative, creativity, flexibility, and follow-through.


Other Qualifications:

These are the skills & attributes that all OBT employees need in order to meet the expectations of each other, our participants, and our partners.

Communicate with Clarity Be clear, concise, and actionable. Be relentlessly constructive. Seek and provide meaningful feedback.

Work with Purpose Exhibit a “We Can” mindset. Results outweigh effort. Everyone understands how their role contributes. Set aside personal objectives for team results.

Drive to Decision Cut the swirl with defined deadlines and decision points. Be clear on individual accountability and decision authority. Guided by a commitment to and accountability for mission outcomes.

Own the Outcome Defined milestones, commitments and intended results. Assess your work in context, if you’re unsure, ask. Demonstrate unwavering support for decisions.