Mission Statement

The mission of Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow is to help disadvantaged youth and adults recognize their own self-worth, and advance towards self-sufficiency and financial security through job training, academic reinforcement, improved life skills, job placement, and support services.

OBT approaches all of its programmatic endeavors with the three principles in mind:


All of OBT’s programs seek to instill confidence in participants so that they can increase their self-esteem and improve their own chances to succeed.


OBT’s training model stresses personal discipline. OBT’s high standards and expectations hold participants accountable for their own success, making no excuses if they fail.


All of OBT’s programs are modeled after a “simulated” corporate work environment. Participants are required to dress and groom professionally, be on time each day, handle work assignments with deadlines, and behave as they would be expected to behave at work.

Sometimes OBT’s philosophy is referred to as “tough love.” While our high standards and emphasis on professionalism represent the “tough” side of the equation, the “love” is demonstrated each day through a supportive staff that devotes their time and energy, in a caring and empathetic way, to helping people succeed.