2nd Annual Maura Clarke-Ita Ford Center Dinner

In Memoriam – Elizabeth Swados

Remembering Liz Swados – We are saddened to share the passing of our dear friend, Liz Swados. Liz carried on the legacy of the four women murdered in El Salvador in 1980 – Maura Clarke, Ita Ford, Dorothy Kazel, and Jean Donovan, as well as Bishop Oscar Romero – keeping their memory alive through her music and words for over 35 years. In 1996, “Missionaries” premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and revealed the tragic story of the four women and the haunting reality of El Salvador. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the women’s passing in 2010, Liz composed “Resilient Souls” and explained that keeping their memories alive was her mitzvah (good deed). If anyone was a resilient soul, it was Liz. She was a gift that we will always treasure.


$100 – per person

I am unable to attend but would like to donate a rose:

White Rose ($100)
Yellow Rose ($150)
Pink Rose ($250)
Red Rose ($500)