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“When I first came to the US, the only job I could find was working at a restaurant cleaning tables. The training that Swiss Post and OBT provided me with was invaluable.”

– Shanice McLaughlin, OSY participant

Shanice Mclaughlin

Through OBT’s internship program, was hired at Commerce Bank in the Manhattan Financial Center.

Alejandro Rivera

Enrolled in OBT’s Youth Education and Job Training Program, and after graduation immediately landed a job at Chase Bank.

Alisha Singh

Attended the Bronx Y Roads program, then participated in the YMCA Teen Career Connection Internship Program with the Clinton Foundation.

Luis Gomez

Came to the United States in search of a better life. Enrolled in OBT’s English classes, Youth Education and Job Training program, GED Program, and then was hired as a Computer Specialist at People Care in Manhattan.